Catholic Archdiocesan Annual Appeal (CAAA) 2017


The Catholic Archdiocesan Annual Appeal is our major fundraiser in the Archdiocese of Nassau.  Each year parishes are requested to challenge their members to participate and become more involved in the responsibility of  the local church here in The Bahamas.  Along with funding various programs in the archdiocese and the community, the CAAA is also designed to assist the parishes in their fundraising efforts for their specific needs.  Last year (2016) the operating expenses of the Archdiocese of Nassau was approximately $3.5M. 


How does the Catholic Archdiocesan Annual Appeal benefit our parishes and our community?   


Benefits to your parish


Parish Sharing Formula

The Catholic Archdiocesan Annual Appeal serves as a source of major funding for our parishes  via the Parish Sharing Formula. This formula awards parishes funding in the following fashion. Once parishes achieve their stated goal amount, they receive 40% of all funds raised in cash over their goal.  This year if the parish achieves a designated donor goal by June 30th they will get an additional 2%.


Benefits to the community


Archdiocesan Humanitarian Relief Fund

This fund which is a part of the CAAA helps families negatively affected by the downturn in the national and global economies. With this fund, the Archdiocese assist families through the parishes with vouchers for the purchase of food and prescription medicine. This parish based relief effort is conducted on a case by case basis.

Disaster Relief Fund

This fund assists persons affected by natural disasters ie. hurricanes.  It does not replace collections taken for emergencies, but enables the archdiocese to respond quickly to the basic needs of our citizens during these times.


Other ways that your Catholic Archdiocesan Annual Appeal contribution is used 


Archdiocesan Pastoral Programs

The Pastoral Programs for the spiritual care and guidance of the faithful and the wider community are as follows

Family Island Parish Assistance

A fund to subsidize the operational expenses of most Family Island Parishes.

Benedictine Sisters’ Retirement Fund

The Archdiocese contributes to the retirement fund of the Benedictine Sisters at St. Martin’s Monastery.

Seminarians, Deacons, and Clergy Formation

For the young men in formation for the priesthood, and the ongoing formation of the priests and deacons.


This supports the upkeep of our our Communictions Studio as well as our radio programs that are produced there such as Crossroads on ZNS 1, our newspaper the Bahama Catholic, and the archdiocesan website.

E.W.T.N. (Eternal Word Television Network)

The Appeal makes possible the Eternal Word Television Network on local Cable Channel 657.

Education Endowment Fund

This fund seeks to provide a solid financial foundation for our Catholic Schools as we move into the future.

Archdiocesan Insurance Fund

This fund was established to work toward a goal of full self-insurance for our properties, and make our coverage more affordable.


This year’s Goal is $500,000.00. 



You may be willing to make your entire gift at one time.  We also offer the option to give in the form of a pledge to spread your payments easily.  We invite you to make the first of four monthly payments when making your pledge, and the remainder will be billed through monthly statements.  We appreciate any gift that is proportionate to your budget.  The Appeal ends on August 31st each year.

With your help we will be able to fully address our archdiocesan needs.



Pledges and Payments for the CAAA can be given to your Pastor, a CAAA parish representative, your parish office, or brought to the Annual Appeal Office at the Chancery Office on West Street, Nassau, Bahamas.

Bahamian checks (or US Dollar checks drawn on local banks) should be made payable to “Catholic Archdiocesan Annual Appeal”.  For U.S. Tax Purposes: Please make checks drawn on U.S. Bank Accounts, payable to “Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nassau Foundation, Inc.”  The tax ID# is 11-379-8061. 


Give today!


CAAA 2017

Archdiocesan Insurance Fund  $80,000  (16%)

E.W.T.N   $11,000 (2.2%)

Communications   $25,000 (5%)

Seminarian, Deacon & Clergy $50,000 (10%)

Benedictine Sisters’ Retirement  $15,000  (3%)

Education Endowment Fund $25,000 (5%)

Family Island Parish Assistance $149,000  (29.8%)

Archdiocesan Pastoral Programs  $65,000 (13%)

Disaster Relief Fund $50,000  (10%)

Archdiocesan Humanitarian Relief $30,000  (6%)