Samaritan Ministry


The Samaritan Ministry began in New Providence in November 1988 and in 1999 in Grand Bahama.  At the request of Archbishop Lawrence Burke, Fr. James F. Lotze, a Jesuit priest from Detroit and Sister Mary Mulligan, a Grey Nun from Pembroke, Canada, came to the Bahamas to begin a caring ministry for people infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.  In 1990, Sister Clare Rolle, a Bahamian Benedictine nun, joined the ministry and now serves as Director.  Together, these three instructors brought to the programme a background in clinical pastoral education, teaching, and counseling. 


The Samaritan Ministry Programme is to train volunteers from the interfaith community who will then reach out in ministering not only to those infected with HIV/AIDS, but also to their families and friends. 


To date, over three hundred volunteers have been trained in New Providence, Grand Bahama and islands in the Caribbean including, Jamaica, St. Ktts/Nevis, Trinidad, Barbados, and Belize.  


Samaritan Ministry is also active in education programmes for youth, church groups and service organizations in The Bahamas.   Samaritan Ministry also operates a weekly “drop in” centre, which gives support and guidance to those living with HIV/AIDS.